BeautyCocoon Subscription


If you have not heard of Beauty Cocoon Box. Then you are missing out! Also, how pretty is their copper box! LOVE IT!

They recently sent me out a personalised box because of the support I have been giving them, which was such a surprise but oh so generous of them!

Beauty Cocoon Box offers women of colour a distinct and affordable way to discover and try beauty products from luxury, niche and emerging brands.

I think the concept behind their company is a amazing. As a woman of colour myself, it it sometimes hard to find producs that would suit my skin tone. Of course, anyone with any skin tone can find it difficult to find specific products for them.

Delivered to your doorstep every month will be specially selected products for your unique beauty pleasure. Each subscription box will be filled with 4 or more products to suit your anytime and any occasion beauty needs. We are calling it “The Beauty Box with the Beauty Twist”


As BeautyCocoon is a subscription box, I am very happy that they are the first company of boxes that I own. And to be honest, I reallt love it!

I love that, of course in subscription boxes you never know what products you will recieve from certain brands. But the ones the I have got are from all brands I always purchase from and love.


Shade: Speed Of light

Swatch of NYX Cosmetic Metals shade below and shown on lips.


I have never thought of owning any metalic liquid lipsticks, so this is a first. Its such a fun thing to wear, maybe not day-to-day. But perfect for nights out, festivals & parties. I cannot wait to purchase more of these in the Cosmetics Metals range and see what fun creative looks I can make!


I highly recommend subscribing to BeautyCocoon, they are incredible! Always sharing and posting amazing things on Instagram and Facebook. And of course, your makeup collection can build up each month with fantastic brands from what’s inside these boxes!

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