British Style Collective

If you’ve been to Liverpool recently, you may have noticed these umbrella’s in the city centre, im not sure on the meaning behind them to why they’re there, and didnt even notice that they had drawings on them and written stuff until i seen the photographs, but i love it, find it a fun addition to the city centre. And of course, everyone took photos on them and selfies under them. 

Two hundred colourful umbrellas were suspended over a Liverpool city centre street in a striking statement this morning.

The rainbow brolly installation was launched on Church Alley, next to Primark near the Bluecoat, to raise awareness of ADHD.
The Umbrella Project was named by children who work with the ADHD Foundation because ADHD and autism are ‘umbrella terms’ for a whole variety of neurodevelopment difficulties.

These selfie mirrors around Liverpool One are EVERYTHING! I want one! Again, such a brilliant addition! But obviously they were there for thr British Style Collective. Did you see them and take a selfie?  

On the Albert Dock, so much was going on! Prosecco vans, food halls, drink bars the lot!

One amazing part of the British Style Collection was the fashion/beauty halls in the exhibition part. I had a look around but didnt actually buy anything, my bank would of been crying at me if i did. How i resisted i dont know haha. But there was brands likeVictorias Secret, Misspap, River Island, Nanshy and many more!  

Who loves a good photobooth? ME! 

Me and Liam had our photos taken at the Nair Hair Remover stall. You will see it on my Instagram. And i love with photobooths that we get the printed out version as well. Its a cute  memory to keep and we also had our photo took at Mark Hill as well, they arent on my social media but we got a print out from that photobooth as well. 


You have no idea how happy i was after meeting her! Nearly cried but held my tears in! I have been supporting her from the very start with her blog and Youtube channel, to now the many collaborations she has done. I honestly couldnt be any more happier for her. Want to know more of what i said? Check my pinned tweet and Instagram picture… I said way more! But she was honestly so lovely and complimented me on my outfit that she loved it and even recognised me from Twitter. Like WHAT?!!! Amazing experience ever! I will never forget and would love to meet her again. 

I also met Alex Bowen and Olivia Buckland from last years Love Island. Im not going to lie, I never even watched it, them sort of programs dont interest me really, ive watched a couple episodes of this years but its not something I took my time out to watch. I might watch next years to see what the hype is all about.  – Olivia did a meet up at the selfie wall, but me and liam already met her outside so we didn’t que up.

If you were there, you might of noticed the Glamour magazine stall. You could buy a full bag of products from different brands that was worth £100 and a years free subscription of  Glamour  magazine… BARGAIN!!! I love the magazine anyway so totally worth it. The magazine orginally is only a £1 anyway. So its still good! Check out below what products I got in it. 

Overall, I really enjoyed my day at the British Style Collective. I went to The Clothes Show last year in December. And to know they changed location from Brimingham to Liverpool is amazing as its so much closer, and Liverpool is a great city!!! Cannot wait till next year! Going to make sure I have enough money to buy stuff though, there was some lovely things I wish I bought. See you next year British Style Collective! 

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