Morphe 35B


Anyone surprised that I’m doing another post on a Morphe palette? Nope? Me neither! If you have seen my tweets if you follow me on Twitter, you would have seen all my tweets about wanting the palette for so so long! Just like my other posts on the 35O & 35F – this palette as well as the others are very popular and are always hard to get hold of! But the amazing company they are, BeautyChamber DM straight away and told me the palette was in stock. My excitement was unreal! I had to purchase it straight away! And to even more surprise which im still shook about. IT CAME THE NEXT DAY! With my other 2 it took about 4 days for it to arrive when not including weekends. But OMG! I joked on Twitter saying they best ship out my order first as ive been after it for god knows how long haha!

As trying to purchase from Morphe Brushes itself. I wouldnt want to go through expensive shipping and added customs cost. Because. I just dont have the money to pay all that for one thing. Plus, as Morphe list BeautyChamber as a site that stocks their products. I honestly think theyre amazing and will always recommend them!


Cannot wait to start experimenting with colour more in college, at home and on anyone that wants a colourful makeup look doing for them! Colour shadows always scared me because they were so bold and always wondered how people blend them so well. And scared to apply too much shadow at once. But practice makes perfect!

Below are swatches of each shade colmn by column.

Row 1: Top – Bottom
Row 2: Top – Bottom
Row 3: Top – Bottom
Row 4: Top – Bottom
Row 5: Top – Bottom
Row 6: Top – Bottom
Row 7: Top – Bottom

If you’re from the UK and Australia, you can find the palette on the sites below.

United Kingdom

Beauty Bay:
0161 848 4799

Beauty Chamber:
0153 565 8940

Cult Beauty:
0800 108 8822


Discount Beauty Boutique:

Makeup Net:
9326 0861

Plush Cosmetics:
08 9395 8642
Physical store only


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