My Kit Co. Hub Launch


Before I start this post, If you havent heard of My Kit Co. Where have you been? Well, to be honest, I only heard of the brand since August/September last year before I started my media makeup course. But since then, I have found a new love for their tools and accessories. That is what they basically are. A brand to provide tools and accessories for makeup artists, makeup lovers etc etc. A link to their site will be at the bottom if the post.

But I have their My Backstage Buddy bag. Which I can personally say has done me amazingly for 10 months of my course, it holds a lot of products in which is perfect! I have my Mac Cosmetics kit in their and other bits of makeup that I bring to 2 lessons a perfect and so handy, rather than putting all your makeup in a makeup pouch/bag that you would normally use to take around with you or use at home to hold all your makeup in. It has 6 compartments so of course it will hold so much! And because Im of course a student, we got a special discount to get the bag AND also a My Metal Palette with a metal spatula as a bundle. But you can buy the bag and palette separately.

OKAY! Back to the real point of this post. I was invited with 2 other students and our teacher, ro attend their launch of their brand new Hub in Stockport. We got to see the studio, watch the master class done bu James Molloy himself. The Co-founder of My Kit Co. Oh my gosh, can I just say how lovely he is, so kind-hearted. He recognised me from a makeup post I did on the same day for the event, as I thought I would do a blue smokey eye. And he seen. His personality is great! But yes, we got to watch that, and also see him take photographs in the studio of the makeup he did. And of course, go in the store and shop! Even though I didn’t buy anything, I can always purchase online or when I go back, I can buy stuff then. And not to forget, we had a little cheeky glass or 2 or 3 of prosecco and eat some nibbles.

The whole space is incredible, and I would really love to go back their and watch him to makeup demonstrations again and have him apply makeup on me and learn so much for him. Also, get amazing photographs to add to my portfolio that I am building up.


I am gutted I didnt get much shots of the space itself. Because it was so packed of people, it was hard to get photos, but as you can see, I got photos of the master class, studio and where he did the class. His style of makeup he loves doing is so beautiful, I could really watch him forever applying makeup. And can we take a minute to see how gorgeous the model was. Only 16 I think! What I also loved about the master class was that he told us about the new brushes and let everyone have a look and feel of them. I NEED THEM AND SO DOES EVERYONE ELSE! And there is a new brush belt – My Belt Buddy.

I also need this belt, even though I already have a brush belt by another brand haha!


The studio looks amazing! I dont know how many times ive said amazing in this post but it truly is! Lights, cameras, the lot! The photos he took looked… Once again, AMAZING!



And before we left, as of everyone. We got a cute little gift on our way out. A My Tidy Towel in black, a Rainbow Badge and My Petals which are latex free sponges in 8 cute colours. So thank you for this! Definitely putting this in my kit bag!

Finally, I am honestly so grateful to have been invited and even meet James personally. And like ive said, I really hope to go back there again! If you want to check our their social, everything is linked below, just click and it will send you straight over! And lastly. Congratulations to James, his team and the whole brand for opening the Hub. I wish you all the best for your success with it!

My Kit Co. // Instagram // Twitter



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