Beauty & The Beast at St Helens Theatre Royal!

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Well, on Thursday afternoon, we took our seats at the St Helens Theatre Royal in the packed stalls filled with families enjoying the Easter break. As we sat down, we couldn’t help but notice the huge Beauty and The Beast animation playing across the whole length of the stage which immediately set the atmosphere.

Philip McGuinness as Gaston. Credit: St Helens Theatre Royal.
(Left to Right): Richard Hazlewood, Hannah Potts, Philip McGuinness. Credit: St Helens Theatre Royal.

Belle (played by Channel 5’s morning show, Milkshake presenter Amy Thompson) rejects the charms and chat up lines from Gaston (Philip McGuinness), who is helped by his evil mum, Madame Botox (Hannah Potts), and instead wants to fall in love with the handsome Prince (Richard Hazlewood). However, the wicked Madame Botox uses poison to turn the Prince into a Beast, who becomes a hideous and terrifying creature – this part is particularly scary for the young ones – so keep them nearby!

But, this doesn’t stop Belle who, with help from French Frank (Liam Mellor) and Potty Polly (Simon Foster), manages to have dinner and a dance with the Beast/Prince, accepting that it’s what is on in the inside that matters and not the outside. But there remains questions as to whether Belle and the Beast can truly fall in love, especially with Gaston and Madame Botox lurking around; fortunately, Fairy Rose (played by Big Brother legend, Nikki Grahame) is on hand to provide a helping hand to the good guys when needed. With the perfect use of the dancers, Senior and Juvenile, it’s a perfect pantomime!

(Left to Right): Richard Hazlewood, Liam Mellor, Amy Thompson, Simon Foster. Credit: St Helens Theatre Royal.
Hannah Potts and Philip McGuinness in the opening scene to Act 2. Credit: St Helens Theatre Royal.

Not to forget the incredible scenery that showers in the stage in glitter, and draws you into each scene. Short and snappy scenes is what keeps this show on the tracks from the traditional story. With credit to the backstage crew who must work tirelessly quick to keep the smooth running of each show.

Each and every costume is shows what hard work has gone into the production to keep the authenticity to the true film.

If you’re hoping to go before the production ends on April 23rd, then expect lots of pyros, amazing scenery, eye-catching costumes, and lots of laughs. Book tickets from £13 here.

A truly excellent family show directed by Chantelle Nolan and written by Liam Mellor.

Rating: 5/5


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