Bye-bye Spot Scars

If you remember, I actually did a review on the Re-Gen cream. But I deleted it as I wasnt happy with it. This is why I am happy to do another post about it and feel pleased about it.

img_5780img_5782First, we’ll talk about the brand itself. I really do think they are an amazing brand, and their interaction with me over Twitter has been incredible. Noticing 2 of posts that I did on their products and sharing them. Im ever so thankful.

Now, the cream product. Id never actually heard of the beand until I seen Zoella (Zoe Sugg) do a blog post about it when she newly started her blog & InTheFrow (Victoria) and their reviews were amazing, so I had to try it out. And of course, I forgot to actually go out and buy it, until someone mentioned the product to me on a blogger chat on Twitter. Then I went out and bought it.


I had the pot of cream for about 3-4 months, I cant remember exactly. So dont expect the cream to work within a couple of days or over night. Because it’s something that takes it’s time. It’s worth the wait to see improvement. But it did last me a very long time, surprisingly from how much you get in it. But a little goes a very long way.


In the pot you get 125ml – definately worth it. I basically used it as a daily moisturiser every morning, afternoon (when I come home from college/day out and take my makeup off) and night. The consistsncy of the cream and how it feels is very light weight, only a little bit thick, NOT VERY THICK THOUGH! But when you distribute it across your face it feels very smooth and feels light on the skin, sinks in and actually makes my skin feel soft. The good thing about it, is that like me, if you think of it as a daily moisturiser… You wont forget to use it. And depending on how big or small your spots are, the quicker the mark will fade or the more time it well take. Especially when you’ve popped a spot (TMI but who cares?) and its bled after a little bit. I always know i will get a red mark after it. Hard to not pick at spots, so now I use a facial wash which is a daily scrub and then pat my face dry. Then apply the Re-Gen cream and im good to go!

Please take my word for it, it’s the best thing ive ever used to make my spot scars fade away so much. They really make me feel insecure about skin without makeup on, it’s a horrible feeling. This is why I am nothing without this product. Did I tell you it’s the best thing ive ever used? YES IT IS!  I wish as soon as my pot of it was running out, id gone out and bought more at the time. I hadnt used it for so long. But now I have it, I will make sure to stock up on it once this pot is finished.

Also, i was going to do before and after photos. But im not ready to post bare faced photos of my skin just yet. But like i said, take my word for it. The product is AMAZING!!!

Places to purchase:

Contact Re-Gen:

Have you tried out any of Re-Gen’s products? If so, which ones? And what did you think of them?



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