Goodbye 2016. Hello 2017!



How is it actually 2017 already?

I feel like I’ve blinked and a whole year has flew by. It is crazy!


But in a way, I’m so glad 2016 is over because there’s been quite a few low moments that I can now get away from and walk into 2017 feeling much better that them problems are no longer existing to me. But of course, I’ve had an amazing year with amazing people in my life and all the memories ill cherish forever.

So, what do I want to happen in 2017?

Self Love

All my life, Ive found it so hard to accept who I am. I would look in the mirror and just feel horrible. But Ive grown and started to accept that I look the way I do, and If I want to change anything I can. And the reason why I feel horrible is because of the scars I have from spots that Ive previously had and if you can related, yes it’s so hard to get rid of them. Ive tried so many brands and nothing seems to work, Ive used face washes that do get rid of under the skin spots and new spots that appear. But spot scars.. Nope. Nothing.

But as it’s 2017, I just want to stop complaining all the time and do something about it. And start being happy in my own skin. Ive noticed that Ive took so many selfies in the past few months, sometimes I wouldnt even share the photos on my social media, they would just be there on my phone having no use to them haha.

Also, this sounds really selfish, but doing more things for myself. Doing things that I love. Because Ive always put people before me and some people dont appreciate things that Ive for them (of course there are certain people in my life that appreciate me a lot) so Im going to put me first. I think we should all do this ever so often. There is nothing wrong with putting yourself first at times.


So… My blog. If you follow me on my social media, mainly Twitter. You would’ve seen that I always had down moments about it. But as this is a brand new blog, again. I want to really go for it this year and so on. Just because in September I started my new 2 year course and I feel like it got in the way and I found random things to post for the sake of it and never felt happy with them. But as this is my new blog. I am going to post when I want and make sure that I really spend time on each post and make them the best I can and feel great about posting them. Also, I did soo many reviews as well. Yes I loved doing them but the ones I did… I dont know.

But Ive planned so many post ideas that Id love to do, so I hope I can do them. Post amazing content for you guys, because your support means everything to me!

Friends & Family

2016 has been a hard year, for mainly friends. Ive lost friends that Ive known since year 8 and Im in my 3rd year of college now, so you could say like, year 14. Ive known them for 7 years and now we’re no longer friends. It’s actually crazy because I genuinely thought we’d be friends forever. But clearly people and their loyalty just goes away. So Ive clearly see people’s true colours and now just focusing on my true friends and family – because they mean so much to me and I love them dearly.


And lastly, life. I just want to live a happier one. Yes, no ones life is perfect. Life is like a rollercoaster – there’s ups and downs. But you just have to take anything that comes your way. I want to create more memories with my family, my incredibly amazing boyfriend and his family, and my friends – because they are my life, and Id be nothing without them. So here’s to a new year. Lets make as many memories as we can and have a happy & healthy 2017!

2017 GOALS:

  • Be more positive
  • Love myself more
  • Say yes to more opportunies
  • Drink more water
  • Travel more (See more of the UK. Not got a passport so cant travel THAT far. LOL)
  • Find a style that I love and stick to it. Feel like my fashion is so odd sometimes, It annoys me
  • Spend moreĀ  time doing things I love
  • Not care what people think
  • Love my blog and not compare it to other small bloggers and popular bloggers

What are your New Years resolutions/goals? x


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