1 Year Of Glamino

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WOW! How has it been a year already, since I started blogging? So crazy, where do the years go honestly?!

I am so happy that I decided to start blogging, because it’s the best decision I ever made! But I couldn’t of done it without my boyfriend Liam. I remember I tweeted asking anyone how do I make a blog – At this point I made an account and did my template from Blogger itself, the basic way haha! Then Liam tweeted me back saying he knows, we spoke about it and everything on Facebook, to why I actually wanted a blog to begin with. Then blah blah blah, he told me to look at templates that can be bought. And fast forward to my self named blog ‘Rebecca Whiting’. Then fast forward again to my new re-named and re-vamped blog ‘Glamino’ (I actually did a blog post all about it) – It was actually Liam, who came up with the name, and I really love it! It sounds like an actual brand, if you get what I mean. That’s our whole idea with how we want my blog to be in the FUTURE!

My blog seems to have a more professional look about it, that’s how I feel the theme looks, I love what it looks like and I never want to change it.

But I truly love blogging, I don’t know where the idea came from that I wanted to start blogging, but I’m glad it came to me when it did. I love posting about new products that I try out and if I love them, I post about them and let my followers on Twitter and Instagram know. It’s a great way to interact with other people and fellow bloggers about products that we both might have tried or want to try out. I will forever love tweeting people about makeup products and fashion, it’s one of my favourite things about being a blogger. Also, on the topic of talking to people… BLOGGER CHATS!

Blogger chats are great to be apart of, my favourite ones that I’ve joined are #BBeautyChat, #GRLPOWR and #BeeChat – Each chat does an hour chat every week with their chosen time they do it at and chosen topic, and you get to tweet them answers from the questions they ask you and you also see what other people say and see what they like or done like etc etc. I find it really fun!

I don’t want to make this post TOO long, but I’m so happy with how my blog has gone so far. I’m still enjoying it every single day. I love writing, I love taking photos. I love everything about it. The whole blogger community is wonderful.

Another thing. I want to produce more content that I’m truly happy with. Post blog posts when I’m really happy with them and not just post every week. Only when the post is well done. I really want to put more time and effort into what I’m writing and more effort into my photos and how they look. And I especially want to put out more fashion posts as I don’t want to just keep buying these new beauty and makeup products and posts reviews, because I don’t want people to get bored. I love fashion, and I have some drafts that I want to get sorted out and show you amazing people and do a lot more fashion related posts, as well as makeup posts too, showing my different makeup looks that Ive been inspired by and some that I have thought of myself as you will know I am doing a media makeup course.

Make-up Facebook page
Make-up Instagram

But most importantly, I want to thank Liam. I know I mentioned him at the start, but I really couldn’t of done this without him. He always checks my posts before they go live to see if they’re okay, if I ever need help, he will help me, he helps me with how to do promo. EVERYTHING. Obviously I do the writing and pictures. He is just the behind the scenes with the more complicated things that I don’t know how to do. But still, it helps me a lot and he’s amazing. He supports me so so much with my blog and everything else I do. So thank you Liam for everything!<3

I hope who ever reads my blog posts enjoys them, because I love writing them, and I will continue that.
Thank you so much to people that tweet me, blogger friends, everyone who supports me with my blog. Please keep up to date on my Twitter, Instagram and of course, my blog posts. MWAH LOVE YOU ALL!<3



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