Gold Obsession

NEW lipstick collection from L’Oreal? OMG! They are absolutely amazing. I have always, always loved their lipsticks in many of their collections they have brought out. So I knew I had to purchase some of the lipsticks from their new range.Out of the collection there is 5 shades in total:

  • Plum Gold
  • Pure Gold
  • Pink Gold
  • Rouge Gold
  • Nude Gold

I really love the concept behind the lipsticks to why the shades look like they do when added with the Pure Gold lipstick topper. I think it gives each shade a unique look that I’ve never had on my lips before and I absolutely love it. I might even try it over liquid lipsticks or other lipsticks shades from other brands. It is honestly my favourite set of lipsticks ever. And that is a bold statement to say. AH! L’Oreal, please bring out more shades, I would love to see what other colours look like with the Pure Gold shade added ontop!

Each of the 5 iconic Gold Obsession shades are wrapped in 24-Carat gold for a statement metallic look. In Nude, Pink, Red & Plum, there is a Gold Obsession shade for every occasion. Finally, the Pure Gold shade can be used alone for a statement metallic look, or as a topcoat for a more subtle metallic finish over your favourite shade.

As you can see from the photo above, I got the shades Gold, Nude and Rouge – as the nude and rogue are shades I would normally wear. In Boots I did swatch the Pink and Plum. But I feel like pinks never suit me and I’m trying to get back into wearing purple shades again as I’ve not worn a dark lip for ages and as it is Autumn now, darker toned lips look amazing! When I get the confidence again to wear that type of shade again, I might think of buying it.

This is what the two lipsticks shades look like when the Pure Gold shade is applied on top.

And by the way, I got my lipsticks 3 for 2. So if you’re in Boots, go and see if the offer is still on and buy which ever shades you want! It was 3 for 2 on all L’Oreal products

Have you tried out the NEW L’Oreal Gold Obsession lipsticks? If so, what do you think of them?

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