Morphe 35O

EEEK! Guys, I finally own the gorgeous warm toned Morphe 35O palette! You have NO idea how long I’ve been waiting to own it, I could cry! Happy tears of course πŸ˜‰ BUT OMG OMG OMG! From all the beauty gurus on YouTube Ive watched that have used it, all the amazing, beautiful eye makeup looks they create. And now I can do it myself!

The palette is absolutely gorgeous, the 35 warm tones colours are beautiful! When It arrived, I didn’t even want to swatch any colours and ruin the pans! But I obviously had to, to see what they looked like. And the pans were bigger than expected, I have no idea why?! And also, they are SO pigmented, both the matte and shimmer shades. Because with some palettes you have to have a lot of product to get good colour pay off, but one swatch wih my finger and I was like WHAT??? So much pigment, its unreal! Especially with the shimmers!!!! But I absolutely LOVE the palette so much, it’s perfect for Autumn, and it’s my new favourite palette ever, and Id love to purchase more – one being the 35F – I cannot fault it at all, everyone NEEDS to own this palette.

The ONLY thing I dislike about the palette, is that the shades have no names or numbers, If im correct, I think all the morphe palettes are like that. But yeah, the shades have no name/number, so if someone asked me what colours I used, knowing me id forget, especially as there’s 35 colours. I definately wouldnt remember! And what happens if you’ve hit pan?! Can you buy the shades individually? But like I said they have no name, so how would you even know what colour to look for haha!

I was so undecided to what palette I wanted because a few months ago they had brought out 2 new palettes: 35OS (shimmer) & 35OM (matte) – You can also buy the 2 palettes together as a bundle: 35OS & 35OM – I was even more excited, because who wouldn’t be?! AND THEN they announced in July I think that they would be shipping to UK & AU! WHAT?!!! But I still wouldn’t purchase off the website because of the shipping and customs cost. And doing all that confuses me. So its a no for me. But thankfully, you could buy the palette off a few websites in the UK & Australia.

I bought mine off Beauty Chamber (linked below), as that was the first site I found that it was available, also with the 35OS and 35OM. So I knew I HAD to buy it straight away! On Beauty Chamber (Β£22.95) it was Β£1.20 extra than on Cult Beauty (Β£21.75) – which isn’t that bad really, worth it though if you really want the palette. The palette is on Cult Beauty but its not in stock and you have to add yourself to a waiting list, which Ive been on for ages! So that’s why I bought it straight away on Beauty Chamber. I ordered it on a Thursday and it arrived at my house by Wednesday. Beauty Chamber have a Monday-Friday working days so, really, 4 days to come, minus the Saturday and Sunday.

(swatches from top to bottom on each column)

If you’re from the UK and Australia, you can find the palette on the sites below.

United Kingdom

Beauty Bay:
0161 848 4799

Beauty Chamber:
0153 565 8940

Cult Beauty:
0800 108 8822


Discount Beauty Boutique:

Makeup Net:
9326 0861

Plush Cosmetics:
08 9395 8642
Physical store only

If you own the palette yourself, what do you think of it? Is it a HIT or a MISS? And if you don’t own the palette, but would really want it, why dont you go and buy it?! And let me know what you think as well.


8 thoughts on “Morphe 35O

  1. Girl, im so happy for you that you got it! You will legit get it wednesday, because i ordered it on a Thursday as well (i think i mentioned this in my review haha) and i was on holiday and text my mum and she told me it arrived on the following wednesday) eeek! Happy happy happy!


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