Lets Talk About Brows Baby…

How beautiful is the new Benefit packaging though for their new brow collection?! I am obsessed! It’s so god damn pretty!!!
Firstly, I just want to thank Benefit and the ZealBuzz team for inviting me to the Leeds #RaiseYourBrownGame event, (that I also did a blog post on. Check it out here) it was amazing! And a few weeks after the event, they were kindly enough to send me and all the bloggers a press release of the new products. I am so thankful and grateful for it and to try out a couple of the NEW products – THAT ARE OUT NOW WITH THE REST OF THE COLLECTION! And I was so amazed by the whole package. Like, c’mon, a chest of makeup, I couldn’t of been more happier! Of course Benefit go all out with their press releases, this is the best brand release I’ve EVER seen. No work of a lie!
We luckily got sent 4 of the 12 products to try out before the release date. What I absolutely love about the range is that you only need ONE shade. Once you have found out your shade, you will be that only shade for ALL the products in the collection. At the Benefit event, I had no idea what shade I would be, I knew I wouldn’t be light as my hair is very dark, but once I was told it was great as I now know what shade I will pick when buying the rest of the products. If you have dark hair like me you will be shade 5 which is the shade I am. 
Since getting it, I have tried out ALL the products, and I love them all, I always wear the primer to bed, as you can wear it through the night and it really does make make my brows feel a lot healthier! I have no idea which one if my favourite products, I can’t decide, they’re all amazing! My eyebrows have been looking more on fleek than usual, and it’s all thanks to Benefit! Honestly they are the best products I have ever used on my brows and I cannot wait to buy the rest of the products when they’re on sale!
In the box we got:
This brush-on gel contains tiny microfibres that adhere to skin & hairs, creating NATURAL-LOOKING fullness & definition.
Brows instantly look fuller, thicker and healthier.
Fast, full & natural-looking brows magically appear thanks to the glide-on formula, soft colour and good-proof tip.

Brush on ruch, wearable colour! Ka-Brow cream-gel easily fills, sculpts & defines brows… And comes with a custom build-in brush.

To shop these products these products and the rest of the collection, click HERE

If you’re a blogger and you received some of the products, I would love to know your thoughts on them and what your favourite product is. Leave a comment letting me know! And if you’re waiting to purchase them, let me know which products you’re going to buy!x 

Also check out Benefit on their social medias for updates: Twitter // Instagram // Facebook


4 thoughts on “Lets Talk About Brows Baby…

  1. Im obsessed with the new packaging, so so pretty! And i love the goof proof pencil, ive not used a brow pencil since high school so its nice to try one out again and it gives you a nice subtle look using it lightly! X


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