As you may or may not know… Benefit Cosmetics have launched a NEW range of brow products In their brand. And I am so so grateful and thankful for the invite from Kristina and the team at ZealBuzz for emailing me and inviting me. And of course Benefit themselves to the #RaiseYourBrowGame event. I’ve not even had my blog for a full year yet, and to open and read that email excited me so much! I have always loved Benefit, I watch their videos, check their social media accounts, check out their products in store and online and to actually get invited to their launch for their new products made me so so happy! AND on the plus side, It was my FIRST ever blogger event too. So it made it even more amazing!

I was so nervous at first about the event as I didn’t really know any bloggers personally. None of my friends are so I couldn’t bring them with me. But luckily I found people on twitter that had tweeted about it and spoke to them and we decided to meet up which was great for me, as I’m socially awkward, and didn’t want to turn up to the event not speaking to anymore, just hovering around on my own.

But overall, the event was amazing! I had so much fun. The products are amazing! I cannot believe how pretty the packaging is and the quality of them! They have definitely upped their brow game for sure! My favourite part of the event, besides it all was getting my brows done – this was the FIRST time I’d ever gotten my brows done by Benefit. EVER! Shocked, I know. Me too. But I was so so happy with how my brows came out. I don’t have the fullest of brows, which I wish I did 😦 So when I got them done by the amazing Benefit make-up artist Lauretta. She made my brows looks amazing After. (Before & after photos of brows is on my Twitter if you want to check that out.) ,the mirror photo booth (I want one of them myself!) and the brow games was SO MUCH FUN! It was hilarious. Having to match celebrities eyebrows, colouring in eyebrows blindfolded, WAXING ONE OF THE TEAMS BOYFRIENDS LEG! LIKE WHAAAT?! Was actually satisfying waxing someones leg.. I wouldn’t mind trying that on my boyfriend to be honest 😛 (If you see this Liam.. CAN I TRY IT?!) And then lastly making a cake look like an eyebrow.

Again, I just want to thank ZealBuzz and Benefit for hosting such a fab event, I cannot wait to try out ALL the new products for myself and let you all know how amazing they are. I really do recommend them a lot!


4 thoughts on “#RaiseYourBrowGame

  1. Such a great event! It wish it could happen all over again! lovely to meet you. I felt so sorry for the poor guy and his waxed legs! Felt good though haha!


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